News Updates

Looking for student volunteers!

We need student volunteers who would be willing to walk in the Parade of Lights in Orleans, handing out candies along the parade route!  Contact Gwen at

Christmas Hampers

Consider sponsoring a family with a Christmas hamper in December.  Contact Gwen at for more information.

Magical Village

Sponsored by the Gloucester North Lions Club from Nov. 30 – Dec.24 at Place d’Orleans.  Explore this miniature village that sparks the imagine. The GEFC is one of the beneficiaries from donations for this popular spectacle.

Thanks to all of the schools, churches, businesses and individuals who have held food drives, collected money, donated fresh garden produce or made monetary contributions!  We all thank you!!

Hunger Count 2014

Why do we need food banks in a country as rich as Canada? Hunger Count 2014 is just out and answers this question based on statistics collected across the country in March 2014. Our statistics are also a part of this report! Check it out!!

Calling all schools, churches and businesses…

Would you like to hold a food drive on our behalf?  Click here to find out more : How to do a Food Drive?

How Your Donations Help

We understand that you are constantly sollicited and that you want to better understand how your donations are managed and distributed. At the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard, we accept two main types of donations – food and cash donations -, which are entirely redistributed to those in need.

  • We continue to accept donations as listed, on our ‘Donate’ page
  • Cash and money donations are used to purchase milk, eggs, school snacks, cereal, pasta and canned goods for distribution.
  • Your food donations are checked, sorted and put on the shelves for distribution for those in need.
  • We are set up so that clients can choose, using a point system, the items that they prefer from each of the food categories. We feel it is important to maintain the ability to make individual choices.
  • We have perishable items available, fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), milk, eggs, sliced cheese, every time we distribute food. We use donated monies to purchase the milk eggs and cheese.
  • Any food items that don’t fit into categories as listed in Canada’s Food Guide, are made available for clients in the ‘Food Extras’ section, and do not take any points away from the other food groups.
  • Thank you to all of the individuals and groups that donate to us and support us on a regular basis. We appreciate the regular and continued support and value every donation that is made!

Interested in learning more?  Call 613-749-4728, anytime, to arrange a tour or have your questions answered.

Success Story (Names have been changed)

Alice is a single mom with two children. She found herself laid off from her job, so returned to school to train for another career.  During her studies, she worked a part-time job and also had a student loan, but found it very difficult to pay all of her bills and clothe and feed her family.  She was able to come to get food to feed her family until she completed her course of study. She is now looking for full-time employment and is very hopeful that, one day, she will be a donor to the Food Cupboard. Her financial responsibilities have been overwhelming and being able to come for food has helped to ease her financial burden.