Mission Statement

The mission of the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard is:

  • to collect, purchase, and distribute food for needy persons in North Gloucester and West Orleans
  • to support and encourage discussion on reform and social change that would eliminate the need for emergency food assistance
  • to treat all persons involved or associated with the GEFC with respect and dignity regardless of sex, gender, race, age, ability, religion, and sexual orientation.
  • to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all persons involved or associated  with the GEFC except when the organization is legally obligated to disclose this  information.
  • to make access to food conditional only on need.


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Our Sponsors

The Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard operates through the generous support of the City of Ottawa, local schools, faith-based groups, service clubs, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals. We are also grateful for the support of our corporate sponsor as well as those businesses who make regular in-kind donations to our organization.


We have companies that donate their products to us on a regular basis. These companies could throw these products out but instead take the time to put them aside and store them until volunteers pick them up. It is an extra effort and we want them to know how much it is appreciated and what a difference it makes to the service we offer. Thank you to all the owners and staff who help us.


1. Herb and Spice donate produce and bakery products three times a week. These boxes are a treasure trove of assorted fruits and vegetables. Volunteers are always learning about new and exotic produce as they sort and bag.

2. McCartney’s wholesaler gives us fruit and vegetables twice a week. We receive many kinds of produce but we’re especially happy when we get lots of bananas.

3. Cora on St Laurent and St Joseph Blvd save their small plastic juice bottles for us. We use them for repackaging assorted liquids.

4. Tim Hortons and Starbucks (both at Gloucester Centre) donate their baked prod-ucts three times a week. Both companies provide us with an amazing array of delicious treats.

5. Bulk Barn (Gloucester Centre and others) give us lots of seasonal candies. Gary, the owner, delivers this himself. He also gives us an exceptional deal on bulk oatmeal and candy canes for our participation in the Parade of Lights.

6. Dove Tale Collections, a gourmet food distributor, call us every few months to say they have stock to donate. This call always causes great excitement to the volunteers as we wonder what tasty gourmet delicacies we’ll be getting from all over the world, teas , cookies , sauces ,spices, chips , chocolates- – -? Everything is given out in great profusion to our clients.

7. Shoppers Drug Mart (Shoppers City) call us several times a year to pick up. These boxes are full of a variety of items the store sells, from personal hygiene products to Halloween costumes. We never know what they are going to give us. Each delivery feels like Christmas

8. HFC (Healthcare Food Services) is a hospital/institutional food manufacturer. Every few weeks Jocelyne, who works at HFC, delivers a variety of the frozen meats, prepared meals and baked goods that the company sets aside for us.


Corporate Sponsor

Major Funders



Gloucester North Lions Club – Magical Village


In-Kind Corporate Contributors






Macartney Farms

Herb N’ Spice