Volunteering at the GEFC

The Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard (GEFC) could never meet the needs of the hungry in our community without the help of those who so generously donate their time every week. Volunteer contributions are wide ranging and include:

  • dividing and sorting food
  • stocking shelves
  • distributing food
  • entering data
  • cleaning
  • serving on the Board of Directors
  • picking up food from various places
  • Participating in various fundraising activities
  • office admin. assitance

We also have people who volunteer for shorter periods of time or who make their contributions off site. For example, some deliver letters door to door during our fundraising campaigns, while others organize food drives on our behalf.

We maintain an active waiting list for volunteers who are interested in becoming involved.  If you would like your name added to our list please contact us at: gefc@gefc.ca or 613-749-4728