Food Bank

Who can get food?

We don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. That’s why we provide seven days’ of nutritionally balanced food to anyone who lives in North Gloucester, Beacon Hill-Cyrville (postal code prefixes for K1J or K1B Pineview only) area.

This map shows our service area. Before you come, please check that we are your community food program by using the Ottawa Food Bank’s agency search.

How do I get food?

You will have to make an appointment to get food at the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard.

You can make an appointment 24 hours before we open.

  • To make an appointment for Monday 6:00-8:00pm make your appointment starting on Sunday at 6:00pm and ending on Monday at 4:00pm (or when full).
  • To make an appointment for Wednesday 12:00-2:00pm make your appointment starting on Tuesday at 12:00pm and ending on Wednesday at 10:00am (or when full).
  • To make an appointment for Friday 9:30-11:30am make your appointment starting on Thursday at 9:30am and ending on Friday at 7:30am (or when full).

Click on the blue button below to make your appointment. We will also ask a series of questions to help us select food for you according to your dietary needs and preferences.

Please be on time for your appointment. If you are going to be late please call us on 613-749-4728 so we can keep your groceries for you.

If you are unwell please stay home. You can send someone else to pick up your food.

Please note we are not open on statutory holidays.

If you have any questions, contact us at 613-749-4728

What do I need to bring?

Please Bring:

  • Identification for everyone who needs food and proof of your address for all adults (18+). Some acceptable types of identification are: recent driver’s license, bills, and direct deposit statements
  • If you are on foot or on the bus and are getting groceries for more than one or two people, please bring a cart or wheeled suitcase to bring your groceries home in. You will receive your food in boxes and/or bags.

We would love to reuse your old bags. Please just give them to a volunteer when you collect your groceries.

Collecting your groceries

Our distribution team will prepare your groceries based on the number of people in your household, the selection of food we have that day and the answers you provide on our Food Sharing questionnaire when you book your appointment.

At your appointment time, go to the door on the left at the GEFC. Outside you will be met by a volunteer who will verify your appointment and give you a numbered ticket.

Take your number to the volunteer at the central door, who will roll your boxes out on a trolley for contact-less pick-up. You can transfer the groceries to your car, bags or cart.

What should I expect?

We believe that food assistance should contribute to improved physical and mental health, so we focus on offering the most nutritious options possible. We work hard to have fresh fruits and vegetables and to offer healthy choices. Your Food Sharing boxes will reflect this.

We are generally unable to deliver food but you can send someone else to collect food for you, just call the office in advance.

We are collaborating with Ottawa Cares to support people with physical disabilities and vulnerable seniors who cannot leave their homes. If you cannot come for food and have no one to help you, call us at 613-749-4728 to see if you qualify for help.