Why am I asked for my personal information at a food bank?

When you visit a food program supported by the Ottawa Food Bank, you will be asked some questions about yourself and the
members of your household.


      • To provide better, more personalized service to you and your
      • To better understand who is visiting food banks and what kind of
        support is needed in your community.

Who sees my information?

      • Only staff/volunteers of the food program you visit can see your personal information, and only if they have been granted access to the secure database provided by Ottawa Food Bank.
      • Summary data (for example, the number of women or seniors accessing food programs) is shared with the Ottawa Food Bank and its provincial and national partners (Feed Ontario and Food Banks Canada).

 Do I have to share my information?

      • If for any reason you don’t want to answer some or all of the questions being asked, you do not have to.
      • You can still get food without providing your personal information.

For any questions, or to anonymize your your information in the database, contact us at gefc@gefc.ca or telephone 613-749-4728.