The Provincial Election is coming!

Organizing is the best way to have our say in the decision-make process! In this three-day workshop we’ll discuss the priorities and strategies to be heard in the upcoming election! Click here to register!

This election training will engage people in communities across Ottawa so they can inspire their family, friends and neighbours to make informed choices when voting for a candidate/party and make their views known in the provincial elections – whether or not they are eligible to vote.

In these three virtual sessions, we will learn together about the upcoming provincial election. With the help of various explanatory videos and interactive activities, we will explore why provincial election matters and the influence we can have leading up to the provincial election. Even if we cannot vote, we can still have an influence by talking to our family and friends about voting. Come learn why it matters.

Objectives and schedule (total of 9h):

May 17

  • Share experiences of voting
  • Identify what healthy communities look like for participants
  • Learn about the different levels of government within Canada and their corresponding responsibilities

May 18

  • Identify the qualities we believe are necessary to have in a good leader
  • Learn about the process of electing a premier
  • Learn how to engage with the election platforms of the different political parties

May 19

  • Get involved and encourage voting
  • Identify barriers to voting
  • Understand what happens on voting day, the voting process, accessibility supports, and their rights

Time: A total of 9 hours

Three sessions and three hours per session, and you should register for each session. We offer an honoraria and a value for child care per day – let us know if you need child care.